About us

Why Compliance?

     At CCA, we firmly believe that our democratic system is at its best when the electorate is engaged and well informed. Transparency, financial disclosure, and strong ethics show our commitment to these fundamental values. In the ever-changing landscape of modern politics, it has become increasingly important to choose a partner that can ensure compliance with FEC/State laws, track monetary exchanges, and provide real-time financial management. CCA, an industry leader, gives you the confidence to navigate shifting regulations and know that your compliance is being conducted with honesty and integrity..

Why CCA?

     Just like our belief that compliance should be transparent, we feel our services should be transparent to you. We partner with you to provide you with the expert knowledge you need- we never withhold valuable information from your organization. CCA has implemented various practices to maximize transparency, such as access to client portals from our secure Egnyte server and QuickBooks Online, so that you can have access to your books at any given time. In addition, we have gone to great lengths to implement company-wide policies that adhere to the industry’s best practices, such as full monthly reconciliations and financial safeguards with rigorous checks and balances, which go above and beyond FEC safe harbor recommendations. Founder and CEO, Judy Zamore brings with her on the ground campaign experience. Her specialty is supporting finance directors and managers on their cash flow projections, making Judy a unique and valuable asset in the industry.